Being at home is not an excuse to skip your workout! Here you can find different HiiT workouts ideas to perform at home in less the 15 minutes!

In these workouts we will work all muscles of the body, full-body, performing what it is known as Hiit, High Intensity Interval Training, they are form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods.

Always starting with a previous warm-up, HiiT is performed in different sets of high intensity of the same exercise, with short periods of rest or less intense exercises. Within its different modalities we will do, Reps, Paleo Run and Tabata amoung others.


Workout 11: The 245 Hiit Full Body Workout

The 245 HiiT workout will pull your mood up like anything else and help you burn calories during hours. Train your core, train your legs, train your mind!

With its low impact exercises everyone can do it. Go for one round if you are starting or three if you are a hero! You have no excuses to stay fit and more important stay healthy in body and in your mind, more over in these days where we need to be stronger than ever!
Remember go always beyond your self
Beyond your possibilities!

Do not hesitate to PM us if you have any doubt or want to see something different in the workouts! We are here to help.

Workout 10: Full Body Strength workout at home

Improve your muscle resistance with a Strength workout using just a bag pack and a stick! We reduced rest time to make it more challenging #StayHome

Workout 9: Burn fats with Paleo Run at home

We are back with a new full body HiiT workout that will help you burn fat during the isolation. The workout will hit the entire body using high intense exercises while doing some cardio to recover. #StayHome

Workout 1: Reps HiiT home workout

Being at home because of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is not an excuse to skip your workout! Let’s use our creativity to hit your goals! #StayHome

Workout 2: HiiT Paleo Run home workout

Let’s go for the second full body workout while we isolate ourselves and keep everyone else safe during this #coronavirus isolation.Paleo Run interchange resistance exercises with cardio, you’ll feel great after finish it. #StayHome